What is Ailing Our Elderly?

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Your elderly parents, relatives, or friends may not want to burden you with their health concerns, for any number of reasons. They may fear medical procedures or medications, or even the loss of their independent lifestyle. Become aware of the health issues that affect senior citizens, so you can know when to take proactive and preventive measures to get them the help they need.

Here are some common areas of concern:

  • Injury – falling is a major problem for seniors and can often be prevented with simple home modifications to promote safety.
  • Immunizations – make sure your senior parent or relative gets their flu and pneumonia shots.
  • Mental Health – dementia is actually not a normal part of aging and may be linked to disease, medication reactions, vision or hearing problems. Depression is very common among the elderly and can lead to suicide.
  • HIV/AIDS – up to 15% of AIDS cases occur in people over the age of 50 since seniors are less likely to use protection during sex. Encourage your parent or relative to engage in safe sexual practices and familiarize yourself with signs.
  • Substance Abuse – aside from the obvious problem of a senior who drinks too much or does illegal drugs, some seniors mix their medications with alcohol which can lead to serious issues.
  • Being overweight– obesity increases a person’s chances of dying from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea or respiratory disease among other problems. Helping your senior make healthy food choices and preparing healthy meals for them is a good idea.
  • Tobacco use – is the greatest cause of preventable illness and premature death in our country.

According to the CDC, we are living longer in the United States than in previous generations. Once a person makes it to the age of 65, data suggests they can live for nearly another 20 years. But for many seniors, that means having to manage chronic conditions to remain healthy.

Make an appointment with our clinic to have your older family member checked out. We will take a medical history, diagnose any issues and prescribe any necessary medication. We live in a community of multi-generational families and we need to help one another by having each other’s back. Stay connected to your elderly relative or friend by visiting or calling. Not only will this let them know you care, but it will also ensure that you will be able to notice when they need help. Being in touch regularly will also make them more comfortable so they will be more likely to share any health concerns with you.

Family Medical Clinic Kendall is an inner-city health clinic in Miami. We care about our community members in the Miami area. Treating families is our life’s work and passion. As your neighborhood medical clinic, we are here to help you prevent and treat health conditions. We are open late, and no appointment is required. We now open at 8 am on weekdays for your convenience. Located at 9000 SW 137th Avenue, Suite 111, in Miami, we offer a walk-in clinic, urgent care, and a lab & diagnostics. Call us today at (305) 603-7824 to find out how we can help.

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