Wellness Trends for 2018

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Have you set a goal to be healthier in this New Year? Achieving resolutions is easier when you have support. We have found the foods, exercises and big ideas for sustained weight loss and overall wellness to get you jump-started on your wellness plan. We can help you remain inspired and motivated so you achieve your fitness goals for 2018.

Tto be successful in realizing your weight loss and overall wellness goals, your plan needs to integrate sustained lifestyle changes when it comes to nutrition and movement. We have done a lot of the legwork in finding the best and latest trends that deliver results.

Top Fitness Trends for 2018

Over 4,000 fitness professionals from around the world were surveyed to develop the predicted trends for this year. Here is what emerged:

  • High intensity interval training topped the list.
  • A return toward old school group classes is usurping the previously more popular personal training.
  • Wearable technology, such as smartwatches and activity tracking devices, will continue to be popular.
  • Body weight training – using your own weight as resistance – will be featured.
  • The large demographic of mature Baby Boomers will be welcomed back to the gym.
  • Yoga, which keeps being reinvented with new techniques like aerial work, remains in the top 10.

Livestrong performed a similar tracking of 23 trends for 2018 that will propel you healthily forward.

The organization looked at the latest health, fitness and wellness trends, and focus on those that offer “functional” foods, cutting-edge workouts and beauty breakthroughs, among other trends. Here are some interesting highlights that emerged from the Livestrong survey:

  • Boutique boxing classes for women that provide empowering moves with explosive workouts for burning calories
  • Ingesting collagen containing foods to feed your skin, bones and muscles
  • A rise in LISS (low-intensity, steady state ) cardio work
  • Probiotics will continue in popularity, with shrubs, an alternative to kombucha
  • Cryotherapy to fight inflammation
  • Herbs and mushrooms for fighting stress
  • Nut-based, dairy-free yogurts on the rise to attract those with lactose intolerance
  • High alkaline waters
  • Organic, pesticide-free coffees
  • Simplified eating with 1-bowl meals
  • Veggie noodles as a pasta alternative
  • A return to cheese

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