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We hope an accident never happens, but if it does we want to find the best local urgent care in Miami, Florida. While going to the hospital emergency room is one option, it may not be the ideal solution in our situation. Hospitals are best at treating severe, life-threatening injuries. If you have a minor emergency an urgent care facility is probably the best choice.

What Urgent Care Facilities Provide

Urgent care in Miami, Florida provides a number of important things. First and foremost, you’ll usually be seen much more quickly at an urgent care facility than at the hospital, especially if you have only a minor need. The urgent care clinic staff members will quickly assess your immediate needs and you’ll get to see the doctor in just a few minutes.

Some clinics such as Family Medical Clinic Kendall have the diagnostics equipment needed to properly examine a particular injury or medical condition. These tools are essential in getting the correct diagnosis so that the best treatment is provided. Sometimes a clinic requires a patient to go to another location for these tests, however, that can be time-consuming and inconvenient. It also takes longer for treatment to start.

Tips for Choosing an Urgent Care Facility

It’s best to look for a facility that provides urgent care in Miami, Florida before an emergency strikes. This way you’ll know exactly where you should go if you need immediate medical attention. Consider the location of the facility because convenience is important, particularly when you are injured or sick. Extended hours allow you to go the doctor when it’s easiest for you to get there.

Pick a facility with a physician that is experienced and knowledgeable in treating a large variety of medical conditions. This ensures that you’ll get the help you need for whatever ails you. A physician that also specializes in some types of care is also recommended. For example, a specialist in pediatrics offers the best possible care for children, especially those who are suffering from an urgent need for care.

Everything You Need in One Facility

One of the best things about choosing a clinic for urgent care in Miami, Florida is that you and your family can receive complete care in one convenient facility. At Family Medical Clinic Kendall we are both primary and urgent care providers. As your primary physician, we have access to all of your medical records and we know your history. That makes it easier to diagnose and treat your urgent medical problem. With everything in one place you’ll be sure to get the best care possible in the least amount of time.

When you visit an emergency room you’ll probably be advised to have follow-up care with your regular doctor. With an urgent care clinic you’re already being cared for by your primary physician so you receive the best care possible. It’s also important to note that your primary care doctor will typically be covered, at least partially, by your insurance plan.

When you or your family need urgent care in Miami, Florida, count on the services of Family Medical Clinic Kendall. Call us today or stop by to get the immediate care you need.  


Urgent Care Miami Florida

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