Ultrasound Miami Fl

An ultrasound is a diagnostic test that is done to view inside the body. Most people associate an ultrasound with pregnancy. While it is certainly a very common test used in pregnancy, it is also a very useful tool for checking many other conditions. A doctor may utilize an ultrasound in Miami, Fl for the diagnosis of many types of diseases or disorders so that proper evaluation and treatment can be provided.

How Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound uses sound waves to show any type of matter or organ. The waves are sent through the body and bounce back providing an image that can be seen on a screen. The image is useful for looking into the body to see what is causing a particular problem. Ultrasound is safe and is useful in a number of different diagnoses.

The use of ultrasound in Miami, Fl can more easily pinpoint an internal injury or damage and makes diagnosis and treatment easier. Ultrasound has replaced the need for much exploratory surgery that was commonly used to find out what was going on inside of a person’s body. While surgery is still sometimes necessary, an ultrasound can often provide the doctor with the type of information needed to make a highly detailed diagnosis and create a successful treatment plan.

Ultrasound for Pregnancy

Ultrasound is very often used during pregnancy. It offers a non-intrusive way to verify the growth of the baby and to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally. During an ultrasound the mother lays on her back with her belly exposed. A technician applies a gel-like substance to the area and then uses the ultrasound tool placed directly on the skin. A monitor allows you to see the fetus.

Precise measurements may be taken to determine the expected due date and to ensure that the baby is growing. You’ll also be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, which is a loud, rhythmic swooshing sound. An ultrasound can usually adequately determine the sex of the baby. It can also be used later in pregnancy if there are any problems and to verify the baby is fine. The ultrasound in Miami, Fl is a good way to meet your new baby before he or she is born and you will be able to get a picture to take home if you like. This is often the first baby picture of your new addition.

Whether you are pregnant or are in need of other medical attention, an ultrasound in Miami, Fl is often the best diagnostic tool available. If your doctor has access to an ultrasound machine it is a great benefit to your overall medical care. At Family Medical Clinic Kendall we have diagnostic machines including an ultrasound. We offer high quality medical services for family care and also specialize in pediatrics and gynecology. Our office is located nearby and has convenient extended hours and walk-in service available. If you are looking for a primary care physician or need any type of general medical care contact Family Medical Clinic Kendall or stop by today.

Ultrasound Miami Fl

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