Summer Safety: Swimming with The Kids

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Enjoying the water at pools or playing in the surf at the beach is a top activity for a Miami summertime. Its great physical activity to keep kids healthy and happy, but swim safety is a serious priority for young and old alike. Make sure your child is aware and follows safety guidelines when swimming or playing in water to ensure they enjoy all the fun of summer without any of the potential danger.


Rules for the Pool

Holding to 3 essential pool rules will help keep your kid safe when swimming and playing at the pool:

  • Swim Lessons & Tests — Don’t even think about letting your child into a pool without some swim skills Your local YMCA will conduct a free swim assessment. It also offers lessons for children over 6 months old. Even the strongest swimmers need to know how they can keep themselves from drowning.
  • Active Guarding — Children should never be left alone when they are around or in the water. There must be active adult supervision or a professional lifeguard present.
  • Proper Equipment — Pools need to be secured when not in use so kids cannot enter. Pool and hot tub covers, gates and fences must be working and in good repair. Make sure rescue equipment is always within reach, no matter the season. Keep your child safe with good safety equipment like swim vests.


Have Fun & Stay Safe at the Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? But a big ocean can pose an even greater danger for swimmers than a small pool. The power of waves and sand is intense. Talk with your kids about what precautions they need to take and how to get themselves out of danger. Eighty percent of beach rescues are due to rip tides, which cause about a 100 drownings per year. Your child should know to never swim against a rip current because they will use their energy up to fast. As they get older, make sure your kids know about the danger of mixing alcohol and swimming.

Make sure your kids know to swim only in areas patrolled by a lifeguard. But don’t leave the job of watching your kid to someone else. Always position yourself so your children are in view, if you are not in the ocean with them, so that you can monitor for any signs of trouble and notify the lifeguard, if necessary.


Safety Measures

You or your children should never rush into the water to save another child who is struggling. The danger of them putting a would-be rescuer at risk is too great. Instead, get a flotation device within their grasp so they can stabilize first, and then provide additional help.


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