A Summer of Family Fun

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We know you want to enjoy every moment of summer fun to be had with your kids this coming season. Here are some great ideas for how your family can dedicate itself to a healthy and fun season!


Healthy Food Habits

Encourage your kids to eat healthy and help them discover nutritious foods they like to eat. Here are ways to have them participate and burn a few calories.

  • Create a summer bucket list of new fruits and vegetables – let every family member create their own list and enjoy together.
  • Take to the great outdoors and play – kids need an hour of physical activity each day for healthy growth. Join them!
  • Encourage kids to drink water – keep your family hydrated and replace sugary drinks with pure water. Add some fresh fruit to enhance flavor.
  • Plant and tend a garden together – teach them how to plant and raise produce and flowers together. Eat and decorate your home with what they cultivate.
  • Make healthy meals together – Harvesting their crops, cooking them and putting them on your child’s plate gives them a great sense of accomplishment.


Decrease the Digital

Limit your kid’s screen time when they are on summer vacation. Set limits and stick to them. Replace the digital daze with fresh air and recreation that will keep them active and encourage healthy growth and weight.


Encourage Fun Learning

If you are worried that too much fun in the sun might set your child up for a struggle to re-engage when they return to school, help them keep their books open. Make sure your kids have library access and encourage them to visit on rainy days. Allow them to choose the books they want to read and don’t push titles on them. Many libraries offer a summer reading program that might appeal to them. Keep their math, science and other skills on track with activity books that feature problem-solving and fun puzzles.


Outdoor Safety

Make sure your kids use sunscreen and take preventive measures against ticks and mosquitos. Also, sports require safety equipment like helmets and pads, so make sure your kids wear them to avoid injuries.


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