Stress Slows the Healing Process

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It is an unfortunate, but documented, truth that stress levels have a real impact on how well and quickly the body heals following an accident or injury. In fact, psychological stress has been shown to extend the time needed to heal wounds by 25 percent.

Following an accident, there is often voluminous paperwork to be processed that can derail the physical recovery effort as the result of added stress. Don’t let the stress of dealing with the business of an accident get in the way of your getting well. The faster you recover and get back to living a regular life, the more stable you will be financially, physically and emotionally.

Stress and pain have been shown to be intimately connected and debilitating. Worry can slow and derail the healing process, sometimes creating a cycle of chronic pain and chronic stress. Once these conditions escalate from acute to chronic conditions, it takes more time and money to recover physically, emotionally, and financially.

5 Ways to Decrease Stress

Eliminating or reducing the stress in your life can result in reduced pain and a speedier healing and recovery rate. Here are five actions to take to get a handle on your stress:

  1. Exercise – physical movement helps alleviate stress. Even if you are injured, there are low impact or passive exercises that can deliver the benefits of exercise.
  2. Get More Sleep – the body recovers and heals while sleeping. Increased physical exertion will make you more tired and lead to better rest.
  3. Incorporate Balance – our 24/7 culture may benefit the business world but does not always serve our personal and family lives. Make the time to have fun and socialize with family and friends in your life. It will ease your stress.
  4. Relax – meditation, yoga and guided visualization are effective in bringing down stress levels and have been proven to help lower blood pressure and other harmful conditions.
  5. Therapy – getting help from a mental health professional during anxious times is effective at lowering the stress in your life.

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