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Family Medical Clinic is known throughout the area as the most trusted clinic for PRP in Miami. You may have heard about PRP, but you may not know that through new innovation and current treatment protocol, PRP is changing the lives of people in a dynamic way. If you’re searching for a PRP Clinic in Miami, you’ll find numerous reason why Family Medical Clinic is the first choice in the greater Miami region. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of benefits in choosing PRP treatment:

-Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is becoming one of the most sought-after treatments in the medical world, and is being used in beauty treatments, to relieve pain, to speed healing, and to slow down the effects of disease, to name only a few. One of the main benefits of PRP therapy is that it uses a patient’s own blood platelets in treatment, making it a treatment on the cutting edge of today’s medical forefront. You might benefit from PRP in Miami’s Family Medical Clinic if you have arthritis, herniated disc, torn ligament, sports injury, sacroiliac issues, nerve pain, carpal tunnel or texting thumb, or chronic pain that has not shown improvement through more traditional means.

-PRP has often been called the fountain of youth, and in no way can that be more evident than by taking a closer look at what it’s doing in the beauty industry. PRP ‘Blood Facials’ are performed by using the body’s own blood to create a unique solution of concentrated platelets and PRP. Experts apply this collagen and elastin fiber-rich solution to the face, making it appear smoother and clearer; in fact, it’s become one of the most requested services in the beauty industry! If you’re searching for facial PRP in Miami, feel free to contact Family Medical Clinic by calling 305-603-7824.

-PRP also treats wounds that are typically difficult to heal, and is often a means to avoid expensive surgery. Patients with tennis elbow, bursitis, rotator cuff tears, or other injuries to the tendons or ligaments find PRP treatment an alternative to traditional treatments that often offer little or no hope for long term relief of pain and a long-healing process. If you’d like to find out whether PRP could be a viable option for you, Family Medical Clinic welcomes your phone call and will take all the time necessary to answer your questions during your call.

Family Medical Clinic offers a wide range of beauty and wellness treatment options in their facility, including Botox, IV Nutritional Therapy, weight loss, massage therapy, skin rejuvenation and healing treatments, hormone therapy, and PRP in Miami. Visit online and click on the ‘Beauty and Wellness’ link to find out more about how PRP can improve your athletic performance and enhance your appearance. Make a connection over the website by clicking on the Live Chat link or call the facility at 305-603-7824- you’ll be glad you called the most trusted PRP clinic in Miami!

Prp Miami

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