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You always want to keep your family happy and healthy. When medical care is needed it’s important to have one physician to provide primary care in Miami. There are many choices to pick from but they aren’t all alike. When choosing a doctor there are several things you’ll want to look for. High quality care, onsite lab work, and excellent treatment options are all considerations to think about when you choose a physician or care provider.


Choose a doctor for primary care in Miami is essential. You want to pick a doctor with the experience and expertise to handle all types of medical problems or illnesses. A physician who is able to care for a wide range of patients makes it possible for your entire family to have the same doctor.

The support staff is also something to keep in mind. It’s helpful to have a staff made up of professionals who know you and your medical history. This makes it easier for them the help you when a medical problem arises. Often times you’ll need to speak with a staff member to make an appointment, discuss your medical issue, find out about billing and insurance concerns, and to obtain medical records.


Many doctor’s offices and clinics need to send their patients to another location to have lab work or testing completed. It can be a great convenience and time-saver when a clinic has their own laboratory. A doctor for primary care in Miami that has a lab is able to perform many of the most common tests right in their office. In addition, the doctor and patient will have access to the test results much more quickly.

Most clinics don’t offer lab work and many have no testing equipment. This means that every time you need a simple test you may have to go to another location or hospital to have it done. It also means that you’ll have to wait longer for the results of the tests, which can make a difference when you need treatment.


Visiting your doctor doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll get good treatment. When you choose a physician for primary care in Miami you want to ensure that the treatment you and your family will receive is the best available. Opt for a doctor for primary care in Miami with experience and who also has a proven track record. It’s also important for your doctor’s office to communicate with you so you can better handle the issues that will help resolve your illness or medical condition.

When you need a personal or family doctor, choose the experienced team at Family Medical Clinic Kendall. At Family Medical Clinic Kendall we offer excellent care coupled with lab testing and treatment for all members of your family. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will get to know all of our patients and are ready to help you with all your questions and needs. With a convenient location and extended hours, we are here to give your family the best care possible.

Primary Care Miami

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