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Physical therapy is one of the many services we can offer patients who may not otherwise be able to afford this option because they are either uninsured or underinsured. Too often, we find that lower- to middle-income patients do not follow up with this treatment because the cost of physical therapy is prohibitive for them. However, skipping this critical step can have major consequences, and even permanent ramifications, when it comes to your health.

Physical therapy is appropriate for clients of any age and, for the most part, physical condition. Physical therapists, or physiotherapists, receive specific graduate training in physical therapy. They are required to pass a national exam for their certification and additionally, to be licensed in the states in which they practice. Physical therapists also have assistants trained to execute many of the treatments.

In most cases, patients can go directly to a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral. However, if do have insurance, you should check your coverage to determine if you need a prescription to cover the cost of PT, as it may help reduce your costs.


PT: The Safe Alternative

Physical therapy is worth its weight in gold in terms of what it can help you to avoid – namely, opioids and surgery. Opioids have several risks, such as depression, addiction, overdose and withdrawal when they are stopped. As a result of the major opioid addiction in the country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging health providers to reduce their use and to implement safe alternatives for long-term pain – including physical therapy.

Also, physical therapy is often a good option when it comes to avoiding invasive and expensive surgeries. Conditions that typically respond well include:

  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Knee osteoarthritis and meniscal tears


Benefits of Physical Therapy

The benefits of physical therapy help patients to function, move and improve their quality of life, and are far reaching and applicable to many health scenarios. Here are some typical ways it can help:

  • Pain relief
  • Rehab following stroke, accident, injury or surgery
  • Chronic illness management such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis
  • Assist clients in using walkers and canes; adapting to an artificial limb; or those with a splint or brace
  • Maximize range of motion and movement
  • Improve balance


Pain Relief

Providing pain relief is one of the biggest benefits of physical therapy. Here are 4 ways physical therapists can help manage your pain:

Exercise – People who are active on a regular basis have been shown to experience less pain.

Manual Therapy – Pain can be lessened through manipulation, joint and soft tissue mobilization and dry needling.

Education – Therapists conduct informational sessions to help those in pain to understand the client pain history and to help set realistic treatment expectations.

Teamwork – Because it is a personal one-on-one relationship between therapist and patient, active participation on the client’s part can have a direct impact on the success of recovery.

Treatment is designed around each person’s individual goals, challenges and needs.


Family Medical Clinic Kendall is an inner-city health clinic in Miami. Come see us if you are in need of physical therapy to prevent an injury or to recover after a surgery. No appointment is required. Located at 9000 SW 137th Avenue, Suite 111, in Miami, we offer a walk-in clinic, urgent care and a lab & diagnostics. Call us today at (305) 603-7824.

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