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When you or a family member get hurt or sick you may need to see a doctor immediately. You need a nearby Miami urgent care clinic that has a qualified physician and experienced staff to help take care of your medical needs. It is often preferable to go to a nearby clinic rather than go to the hospital emergency room, especially if your needs are minor. There are some important urgent care services that may be offered at your local clinic.

Urgent Care Services

Some of the most common types of urgent care services that can be handled by your neighborhood Miami urgent care clinic include:

    Minor emergencies
    Lacerations / Cuts
    Sprains and strains
    Minor fractures
    Acute pain
    Minor surgical procedures

It is important to note that if your injury is extremely severe you’ll need to visit an emergency room where you’ll get complete care for major emergencies.

When you’re not feeling well but aren’t sure if you need immediate care, stop by your local medical care clinic. The physician will be able to evaluate your problem to make a determination as to what may be wrong. Then, treatment can begin which will help get you healthy and feeling better.

Lab and Diagnostics

Not all clinics have labs or diagnostic machines available on site. In fact, most of them don’t. For these services you may need to visit a hospital where you’ll end up paying more and waiting longer to get the results. A local Miami care clinic that has a laboratory on location is able to quickly and easily do some of the important tests necessary in an emergency situation. Some of the tests that may be needed include an EKG (electrocardiogram), ultrasound and blood testing, to name just a few.

High Quality Care When You need It

There is no worse feeling than having to wait for care when you’re having a medical emergency. The minutes can seem like hours and the longer you wait the worse you feel. When you don’t want to wait for urgent care consider going to a Miami urgent care clinic. You’ll get almost immediate access to a caring physician who will quickly perform tests and make a diagnosis. You won’t have to wait long and can simply walk in with no appointment necessary.

The doctor will be able to examine you to determine what’s wrong so treatment can begin as quickly as possible. The faster a diagnosis is made and treatment begins, the faster you’ll start to feel better and your problem will be resolved. Choose a care clinic that has flexible hours and a physician on duty to assist you when you need it.

At Family Medical Clinic in Kendall we offer top quality urgent care for you and your entire family. We are conveniently located and are open late and there’s no appointment necessary. If you or your loved one needs immediate attention from an experienced physician, contact Family Medical Clinic in Kendall or stop in for fast care.



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