Massage Therapy Treats the Whole Body

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Massage isn’t just a hedonistic indulgence for the posh spa set. Yes, it is a feel-good therapy but one that has a myriad of health and wellness benefits that are much more than skin deep. From easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression to reduced pain resulting from sports injuries and illness, massage is a proven holistic therapy that treats your body and mind.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) massage therapy increases health in five primary ways:

  1. Stress Reduction – helping alleviate emotional and physical symptoms
  2. Induces Better Sleep – by easing pains and increasing relaxation, decreasing insomnia
  3. Helps Manage Pain – massage can help alleviate pain associated with illness and injury
  4. Expands Range of Motion – Alleviates muscle tension, improves flexibility and athletic performance
  5. Boosts Mental Health – Massage can reduce symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and depression

The Mayo Clinic looks at how massage therapy can help patients, with the number one benefit being stress reduction, followed by pain reduction and decreased muscle tension. Back pain, stress and anxiety, and fibromyalgia can be alleviated through massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps the body release toxins through lymphatic drainage, especially useful for recipients who may not be as physically active due to illness or injury. Decreasing muscle tension through massage not only alleviates injury brought on by sports or accidents, it better prepares the body to work out with less chance of injury.

Regular massage therapy can support you in achieving weight loss goals by keeping your metabolism operating at good levels.

But perhaps most amazing of all is the relief that massage therapy can deliver to people who are suffering both emotionally and physically with numerous ailments such as stress and depression, arthritis, back pain, joint pain and post-operative pain.

The holistic advantages of massage therapy also come with a low risk factor, so it is appropriate for the elderly and injured as well as those who may need help recovering from a sports injury or during physical training for an athletic event to help build stamina.

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