Immunizations Save Lives

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We are fortunate to live in the age of vaccinations. Medical science has saved countless lives in past decades and changed the course of childhood illness for children and their families. It is extremely important that you have your children vaccinated on schedule to keep them healthy and to prevent the spread of disease. Choosing to vaccinate your child not only protects him or her, but also protects other family members, friends and the wider community.


What Vaccines and When?

If you are unsure of what vaccines are needed for your child and when, there is a recommended vaccine schedule that may vary depending on where you live, what vaccines are available, and doctor recommendations. Various immunizations are scheduled from birth to 6 years of age; ages 7 to 18; and even into adulthood. Vaccination needs to start early during infancy and childhood, when children are the most vulnerable to contracting a disease.

There are several diseases that you may no longer even think about, such as polio and rubella, that have been successfully controlled through vaccinations.


Why Immunization is Important

Vaccines help protect your babies from 14 serious childhood diseases. It is a powerful defense against disease that is safe, proven and effective. Over the last century, vaccines have been successful in reducing and eliminating disease. As a result of this, parents today will be less likely to encounter the sometimes deadly or crippling effects that diseases including polio, measles, and whooping cough have on a child.

Immunization protects your child from diseases that can be brought into the U.S. from other places. Measles is one example of a disease that is now rare domestically because of vaccines, but is common in other places around the globe. Travelers visiting destinations that do not adhere to immunization schedules can become infected during time away and carry disease back to this country.


5 Reasons Vaccines are Important

As a parent, one of your biggest concerns is keeping your child safe and well. Immunization is a crucial tool in your ability to do so, and comes with many benefits, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

  1. Immunizations can save your child’s life
  2. Immunizations are safe and effective
  3. Immunizations protect other loved ones and your community
  4. Vaccines save time (lost work or school) and money (medical costs)
  5. Immunizations protect future generations


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