Your Feet Tell More About Your Health Than You May Think

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Our feet have a tough job, no doubt about it. They bear our weight day in and day out and we don’t often give them the care they need and deserve. Which is too bad because they are sort of like a canary in a coal mine when it comes to our overall health. A medical problem often shows up first in our feet.

Truly, our feet are amazing diagnostic tools that our doctor can use to detect any number of health problems. But we can pay more attention to our own feet and watch for any changes and to heed what they may be trying to tell us.

Remember, pain is pointing to a problem. If it persists, seek medical attention.

Foot Problems and Possible Causes

According to Prevention Magazine, change in our feet can signal the first sign of a potentially serious health problem. Some foot problems and possible causes:

  • No hair on feet and toes – a possible sign of not having enough blood flow to sustain hair growth and could be related to a heart issue.
  • Foot cramping – random is not an issue, but frequent cramping can be a sign of circulation or nerve issues, dehydration or a nutritional deficiency.
  • Sores that won’t heal – foot sores that don’t heal can be a red flag for diabetes or skin cancer.
  • Consistently cold fee – most common cause for those over 40 is hypothyroidism.
  • Enlarged big toe – that appears suddenly could be triggered by gout or another inflammatory issue
  • Numbness – in both feet can be caused by diabetes, chronic alcoholism or be a side effect of chemotherapy. If numb only on one side it could be a pinched nerve.
  • Bunions – often are an inherited fault in foot structure and not related to painful shoes or high heels.
  • Heel pain – sharp pain in the bottom of heel when you get out of bed or stand up from a chair is caused by a strained ligament that supports your arch, plantar fasciitis. It could also be related to rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Flaky, itching or peeling skin – can be a sign of athlete’s foot, a fungal infection. It could also be eczema or psoriasis.
  • Yellow toenails – again a possible fungal infection or a sign of too many pedicures and too much nail polish without a break.


A Little Pampering Goes a Long Way

If your feet are overextended from standing for hours or strenuous exercise, show them some pampering with a nice foot soak in Epsom salts. Afterward, go barefoot and elevate them when relaxing in the evenings. Keep your nails well-trimmed and your feet callus free for greater comfort.

We live in an overextended culture and in our community, many are caring for multiple generations, including young children and elderly parents. You might be last on the list for attention. If you are in pain, feeling tired or rundown, you owe it to yourself to have a medical check-up, not just for yourself (do not think you are being selfish) but also because of those who rely on you.

Family Medical Clinic Kendall is an inner-city health clinic in Miami. We care about our youngest community members and want to support area families in good parenting, including providing proper nutrition and exercise for children. We encourage you to bring your children in for pediatric care and we have onsite X-ray services for those times when accidents happen. Located at 9000 SW 137th Avenue, Suite 111, in Miami, we offer a walk-in clinic, urgent Ccre and a lab & diagnostics. Call us today at (305) 603-7824.

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