Boo-Boo Kisses: How to Care for Your Child’s Scraped Knee

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Treating painful and bloody scrapes is hard on both kids and parents. You need to be gentle but firm. You also need to work quickly. First, you need to decide if the scrape is superficial enough to be treated at home, or if you need to seek medical attention. If the injury can be treated at home, you want to first plan on cleaning the wound and covering it properly – which can be a bit tricky with a fussing and wriggling little person. Here are some step-by-step instructions for dealing with a minor wound, so you can get your child fixed up and back to playing in a jiffy.

First Things First

Before you do anything else, you need to decide if your child’s injury is a minor cut or something more serious. If you can see bone, muscle, fat, tendons or nerves – seek immediate medical attention at a hospital or urgent care center.

Tending the Wound

If you determine the injury is a superficial scrape that you can deal with, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your child’s skin. You want to ensure that you do not infect the cut or scrape. If you do not have access to soap and water or antiseptic such as alcohol – cover the wound with a sterile dressing or bandage until you can clean it properly.

If you have the first aid materials, clean the wound to remove any matter that may cause infection. As a parent, it is always a good idea to travel with a first-aid kit in your vehicle, so you are prepared for such incidents.

Once you have sufficiently cleaned the wound and let it air dry, you need to cover it with a sterile bandage or dressing such as Tegaderm – which has a transparent window so you can view the wound to monitor the healing. One thing you want to avoid is removing a bandage frequently not only because of the “ouch” factor but also due to the chance of disturbing the wound while it is healing. If the wound is deep or you are concerned about infection, you may want to apply an antibacterial ointment or cream before applying the bandage. But sometimes these products will prevent a bandage from sticking to the skin and can be avoided if you are certain the wound is clean.

These childhood scrapes are so common that the American Academy of Pediatricians now recommends cleaning a small wound only with soap and water. A spray-mister can also be used to clean the wound, which should ease the pain and prevent any pressure on the cut. The action that may be most soothing to your youngster may be a kiss on the boo-boo to speed healing and that is fine, as long as you do not have any type of illness or infection.

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